Senin, 21 Desember 2009

Asmat Statue

size : long: 9cm, wide: 8cm,tall: 20 cm
prize : 4 us$
total : 1 pairs
Made in : Indonesia
NB : prize are'nt including the delivery fee

The history of asmat statue come from one of tribe on irian jaya province which named asmat tribe.the member of asmat tribe make the statue as the representation and to give a respectful to their ancestor.on its way, this faithful become carving and sculpturing tradition. in the beginning the statue is made by rough. after it is used in the religion ceremony, leaved in the swamp, to protect their sago and palm tree whose the sago eaten by them.

Nowadays there are some state which can make the replication of this statue like bali, yogyakarta, jepara etc like this statue.

wanna have this ethnic statue, visit this site

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