Minggu, 20 Desember 2009

Indonesian Batik

material : soft cotton
Size : M (55/80 cm), L (58/80 cm), XL (61/80 cm)
Prize : Rp 96,000/ 10 US $
NB : The prize is'nt including delivery fee
Made in : Indonesia

This is it.. the traditional shirt of indonesian.. We call it "batik". the history of batik come from indonesian ancestor since XVII century. In the developing era of batik the strip add into two types, animal and plant, but after a few years latter the strip started changing into abstract motif like cloud, temple relief etc.After it was combined between panting strip and the art of wear design, born batik painted art which is known by us now. the unique stripe from this shirt can give us exclusive impression when we are wearing it.

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