Kamis, 21 Januari 2010

batik helmet

Helm Brand : MAZ

Prize : Rp 235.000/ US$ 24

TYPE : Irengkawung

Made In : Indonesia

Nb : prize is'nt including the delivery fee

Bored with your standard helmet? or want to have different helmet style designed? check this out. This is it.. the revolutionary helmet in 21th century.the helmet is looked very different with another helmet. Batik stripes on the helmet have broken the general helmet stripes like cartoon, abstract,etc. brushed carefully make the stripes real looking like cotton batik without decreasing the safety value. Beside that, the batik stripes of helmet can minimize the dust viewed. on the contrary, while you wearing black or silver helmet, the dust will be viewed clearly. For racer, wearing this helmet is very suggested. that the racers seldom have this type of helmet, so perhaps it will be the characteristic of yours.

for further information, check out http://helmbatik.com/?idmenu=11 site

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